Why Financial Advisors and Asset Managers Partner with Helios

Our primary objective is to help Financial Advisors and Asset Managers deliver a unique and compelling asset management experience for their clients.  We help them accomplish this through the latest in quantitative research and data analysis. 

For Investors, what does this mean?

  • Our role is to provide research, analysis and insight to Financial Advisors and Asset Managers.
  • Through a relationship with Helios, a Financial Advisor or Asset Manager may provide a more comprehensive experience for their clients.
  • Helios carefully selects a very limited number of Financial Advisors and Asset Managers to support within a city or geographic region.
  • Our research and models are designed around quantitative concepts that seek more efficient compound returns.  The goal is to provide substantial downside risk mitigation without sacrificing the growth potential for equity markets.
  • We partner with S&P Dow Jones to publish the indices related to the research we provide to Financial Advisors and Asset Managers.  You can find those indices on S&P Dow Jones’ website <click here>.

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