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Money Management Executive - End of Year Planning

December 1st, 2018 by Chris Shuba

For fund managers, this requires careful reflection on how to design the products that advisors and investors want to buy.  Making this simple evaluation can yield significant business opportunities.  Demand is rising for cost-efficient and sophisticated strategies.

While there is a saturation of basic beta-driven or beta-plus strategies available at reasonable costs, there’s a gap between these types of products and strategies targeting true alpha at a cost-efficient pricepoint.  Innovative products will take center stage in 2019 and beyond.  Clients want to see fund managers who are not just following the herd. So much development today is done within the same

Consider multifactor as one example. It’s all the rage now, sure, but everyone is dabbling in the same arena while investors call for original, fresh and truly innovative products.  Complex investment products need simplified stories, and fund managers must be the storytellers.

Investors are becoming increasingly educated on their options, and in turn, they want their advisors or institutions to meet them where they are and explain fund choices simply.  Fund managers should be sure to make their story both effortless to tell and retail friendly.

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