Founded in 2016, Helios Quantitative Research was created to equip Financial Advisors with new and relevant tools that drastically improve their client's asset management experience, expand their firm's margins, and challenge the old-guard legacy providers as well as the emerging robos of Silicon Valley. We believe that the majority of existing services available to Financial Advisors lack innovation, are too expensive, and enable commoditization in the wealth management industry.

Therefore, we created our own service category - the insourced CIO. Our unique team of skilled and experienced individuals partners with financial advisors across the globe to create, implement, monitor, and communicate quantitative investment strategies that challenge Modern Portfolio Theory and seek to remove as much emotion as possible from investing. In a short time, we have grown to influence over 800 Financial Advisors who collectively manage over $30 billion.


Chris Shuba

When the financial crisis of 2008 struck, it became obvious that a quantitative, emotionless approach to asset management was the clearest path to success in the modern market. After spending time at Ameriprise Financial and as a Senior Quant Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle, Chris Shuba focused on developing mathematical models that could help financial advisors mitigate the volatility of the market.

In 2014, Shuba joined WGG Wealth Partners, where he put to use a series of algorithms he designed. These models were met with immediate interest by a broad range of clients, and within the year, financial advisors nationwide were clamoring for access to his algorithms.

Soon thereafter, he founded Helios Quantitative Research in 2016 and has since served as the CEO, expanding the company's influence to over 800 financial advisors who collectively manage over $30 billion in assets.



Our CEO, Chris Shuba joined Michael Batnick, CFA, and Ben Carlson, CFA, on their popular podcast, Animal Spirits, to discuss all things Helios. In this episode you will learn:

  • How advisors implement our quantitative strategies
  • Our disruptive pricing model
  • The power of our mathematical diversity in a model ecosystem
  • Our robust training and communication services
  • Plus much more

If you haven't heard this episode yet, it's a great place to start. Just click the play button or find it in your favorite podcast player.