Helios Integrated Planning

Helios partners with trusted advisors and equips them to deliver the highest quality estate planning experience available.

Impacts of coordinating Estate Plans for your clients.

Grow your firm

At Helios, we believe that advisors should get paid for the value they provide their clients. Our platform keeps you in the driver seat when it comes to the relationship, and us in the background with the document creation.

Have meaningful conversations

When you coordinate an estate plan, your relationship with your clients will grow and you will be better equipped to serve them as proactively as possible.

Differentiate your services

Differentiate your services by integrating the knowledge you gain through the financial planning process to coordinate the estate planning process as well.

Comprehensive financial planning has a new definition.

Helios Integrated Planning is the only platform that allows Financial Advisors to coordinate estate plans for their clients without disrupting the financial planning process.

Why integrate estate planning?


Estate Plans don't have to be expensive

The most common reason why people do not have an estate plan is due to the cost. At Helios, we have utilized technology to drive costs down without sacrificing quality. By doing so more people are secured and Financial Advisors have additional ways to add value to their client relationships.

Procrastination is no longer the enemy of estate planning

Getting your estate plan complete is the last thing you need to do before you die or become incapacitated. That's why most people never get it done. Even the wealthy! Financial Advisors understand the importance of planning for tomorrow today, which is why our technology is a great solution for your estate planning needs.

Integrate your services and save your client's time

A simple way to differentiate your firm is to offer a variety of services that the competition is not. At Helios, we empower Financial Advisors to quarterback the Estate Planning process, instead of sending a referral link or a phone number for your client to call.

Emotional decision-making doesn't have to take place twice

Financial Advisors know that their client's relationship with money is an emotional one. Therefore, Financial Advisors have become experts in discussing difficult topics with their clients. Estate Planning is an emotional process, and people want to speak with who they trust and know.

Estate plans don't have to be complicated

Jargon, overly complicated legalese, and deep critical thinking keep people away from executing their estate plans. Financial Advisors understand how to take complex topics and make them simple. We thrive on education, and if you or your clients have a question, let us know!

Through technology, documents are flexible and easy to monitor

At Helios, we take an enormous amount of pride in the quality of our documents. Unfortunately, many other services do not. Whether you would like to be named as the preferred Financial Advisor to the estate, or you would like IRA conduit language, we've got you covered. Our technology was created by advisors, for advisors.

Advisors, stop referring clients out for estate planning.


Estate Planning is not new. However, Estate Planning technology certainly is. In this episode of Grow with Altruist, our CMO explains why Financial Advisors are best equipped to ensure people's finances and legacies are secured.