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Podcast Alert! Two Financial Advisors Discuss HIP

On this episode of Math Men on the Markets, Chris Shuba, CEO, sits down with Ben Warren, CFP®, Founder and Principal of Clear Creek Financial, and Dave Morrison, CFP®, Founder of Guide Morrison to discuss the Helios Integrated Planning tool and how it’s helping them and their clients.


1:15 – 1:28
“According to a survey that was commissioned by Wealth Council, 47% of American adults say they need an estate plan but haven’t gotten around to it.” (Chris Shuba)

2:44 – 3:06
“As a firm, it was something that was needed in our practice. As an advisor, working for advisors or with advisors, we wanted to be forward thinking and provide this type of a tool to our advisors, that they can utilize and have a turnkey solution for their customers to do the same thing.” (Ben Warren)

3:17 – 3:21
“There was no solution until this.” (Ben Warren)

3:26 – 3:51
“It does take and bundle up the financial planning process and estate planning process into one and make it simplistic, for most estates […] it gives [the advisor] that continuity between the estate planning, next generation and all the pieces and parts that you need to provide a good service and good client experience.” (Ben Warren)

5:28 – 5:45
“From a compliance side, it delivers a more complete program.” (Ben Warren)

8:19 – 8:41
“Integrating the estate planning process allows us to make those connections with the next generation early on. It’s a good reason to have conversations and introductions, so that when the time comes, when one parent or both parents pass away, we already have that connection with the next generation.” (Dave Morrison)

9:07 – 9:29

“Oftentimes this conversation comes up when the parents are 70+, 80+ and now the kids are 50+, 60+ and already have established these relationships. Getting in there early is not only providing a great service for the parents, but now getting a hold of those kids earlier, I think adds a lot of satisfaction because you get to help them establish better habits early on and really drive a great relationship.” (Chris Shuba)

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Team Helios

Team Helios