Our Investment Research

We have one primary goal - to help you and your team deliver world-class advice to your clients.  Our core services provide all the components you need to offer state-of-the-art investment management solutions, communicate clearly with clients and prospective clients, and institute time-saving processes that allow your firm to operate more efficiently.


Helios Quantitative Models

The primary goal of each model is to maximize compound efficiency.  To accomplish this, we develop quantitative strategies that focus on both sides of the risk equation – delivering substantial loss mitigation capabilities without sacrificing the upside opportunity of equity markets.  The results can be stunning.

Our Model Ecosystem is Divided into Three Series:

Dynamic Risk: 
A blend of strategic and tactical premises, focused on market volatility as the primary calculation attribute.

Helios Growth: 
A strategic, binary econocentric algorithm that focuses on the evolution of economic environments.

Tactical, holdings-based algorithms that focus on driving specific outcomes, such as attractive risk-adjusted income.    

The Ecosystem

In the investment world, there is no such thing as “perfection.”  Every model - no matter how advanced - has its weak spots.  To mitigate this reality, we train our Advisors to utilize their models as an ecosystem.

Because each series shown above is different mathematically, building a portfolio that includes multiple models can dramatically increase durability and reduce the risk of poor outcomes because each model has different vulnerabilities.  This concept is a powerful tool utilized by institutional asset managers now available to you.

Helios has multiple strategies that are mathematically different from each other and designed to compound efficiently.


There are many successful quantitative investment strategies available in the world, but those are overshadowed by others that have failed in recent years.  To mitigate this concern, we have partnered with S&P Dow Jones to build fully transparent and trackable indices of each model.  This gives you peace of mind that all information about returns, risk and performance can be trusted.

All Helios (Overview) - FactSheet

Model Design
  • Researched: tactical, holdings-based algorithms
  • Dynamic Risk: Stra-tactical, market-based algorithm
  • Helios Growth: Strategic, economy-based algorithm
Thirteen Models
  1. Helios Dynamic Risk 5% - FactSheet
  2. Helios Dynamic Risk 7% - FactSheet
  3. Helios Dynamic Risk 10% - FactSheet
  4. Helios Dynamic Risk 13% - FactSheet
  5. Helios Dynamic Risk 16% - FactSheet
  6. Helios Alpha - FactSheet
  7. Helios Equity - FactSheet
  8. Helios Opportunity - FactSheet
  9. Helios Balanced - FactSheet
  10. Helios Adaptive - FactSheet
  11. Helios Diversified - FactSheet
  12. Researched Fixed Income – FactSheet
  13. Researched Strategic Income – FactSheet
  14. Researched Balanced Income – N/A
Models are based on:
  1. Algorithm-driven strategies
  2. Multiple risk tolerances
  3. Multiple asset classes
  4. Downside protection with a focus on growth
  5. Low cost, liquid, tax efficient