Practice Integration

Successful and forward-thinking Financial Advisors understand running an efficient practice is key to sustaining and growing their business.  At Helios, we believe our role is to help you successfully integrate and communicate an institutional-quality asset management experience to your clients.  Accomplishing this goes beyond investment models.

Analysis and Tools

To help you grow more efficiently, Helios enables your staff to focus on more high-value functions by delivering analysis and tool-based support for many day-to-day tasks, including:

  1. Mutual fund, ETF and individual stock analysis
  2. Structured note and illiquid security review
  3. Access to HeliosTools; a lightweight program that automates:
    1. Portfolio fee analysis and comparison
    2. Implementation planning and communication
    3. Report cards for service meetings
  4. Investment committee data support


At the center point of great partnerships is communication.  At Helios, we make sure you and your team are confident and competent through our regular reports and updates, including:

  1. Weekly report reviewing index performance, economic data and commentary, market and key metric levels and much more!
  2. Weekly all-Advisor conference call designed to educate and serve as a community Q&A session
  3. Monthly, in-depth due diligence package for your investment committee meetings and documentation
  4. Rapid research delivery and detailed analysis of changes in models
  5. As needed, detailed commentary and analysis in fast-moving markets, such as the Brexit

Ongoing Support

Every great practice evolves over time.  As you grow, we continue our world-class support to make sure you and your team deliver a compelling asset management experience to your clients.  This includes:

  1. Complete online video training series, so your staff can train at their own pace at any time
  2. Regularly updated video ‘quick-learning’ modules designed to target areas of knowledge for anyone on your team
  3. Customized, live training sessions via WebEx to target specific weak spots in knowledge or capability

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