This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning

The landscape of wealth management is undergoing a paradigm shift, with insourced chief investment officers (ICIOs) emerging as formidable players challenging traditional legacy providers. Armed with contemporary insights, data-driven decision-making, and revolutionary quantitative investment management solutions, ICIOs are reshaping investment strategies and elevating financial growth and security to new heights.

In an upcoming episode of The Weighing Machine podcast with Rusty Vanneman, Helios Founder and CEO, Chris Shuba, takes center stage to share his journey and expertise in the realm of wealth management innovation. Drawing from his experiences at Ameriprise Financial and as a senior quant analyst at Columbia Threadneedle, Chris identified the need for cutting-edge mathematical models to help financial advisors navigate market volatility.

Tune in as Chris discusses the genesis of Helios Quantitative Research and how he developed mathematical models that garnered widespread interest from financial advisors nationwide. Recognizing a gap in the market for innovative, cost-effective solutions that prevent commoditization in wealth management, Chris pioneered the concept of the insourced chief investment officer (ICIO).

In this exclusive podcast episode with hosts Rusty and Robyn, Chris delves into the limitations of existing services available to financial advisors and shares how the ICIO service category he created can empower advisors to grow their firms. Discover firsthand how Helios is challenging the status quo, offering a fresh perspective on wealth management that embraces innovation and client-centric solutions.

“There is a very definitive line between academia and the real world. And one of the big differences about Helios is the way that we do everything we can to live in the real world.”

🎧To hear more of Chris’s and Helios’s story, check out the podcast here.