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Get Instant Answers Instead of Wasting
Hours on Due Diligence

See Which Investment
Options Rise to the Top

Helios’ scoring and analytic system compares funds to other funds in the same asset class – for example, stocks are compared with the entire stock universe – to help you determine the best fit for your clients’ needs.

Evaluate Investment Options
by Appeal and Experience

The unique Appeal vs. Experience framework drives better due diligence and more impactful conversations with clients by considering the way the experience of holding a fund or stock will affect investor behavior.

Simplify Due Diligence

Using the Confidence Rating Process enables you to streamline investment committee meetings and material preparation while maintaining organized documentation of due diligence and fund research.

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Customized Modeling

Effortlessly customize your investment models to your clients’ needs to deliver deeper value to clients, generate increased referrals and drive more revenue.

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Helios Tools

Create and manage quantitative investment models, access decision-ready analysis of mutual funds and ETFs, and easily analyze any portfolio.

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Insourced CIO

Decision-ready holdings analysis, custom investment models, portfolio technology, client communications, compliance documentation, and team training.

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