Below you will find the typical process that a member firm will pass through to complete their due diligence and begin implementation.

Our five-step process blends live video-conferencing and on-demand learning modules which are optimized to ensure your team has every question answered at your earliest convenience.

Some member firms have completed this process in a few weeks, while others take months. Every situation is unique and our highly experienced team is here to offer guidance along the way.

Step one - a brief overview

Watch this video to learn how we partner with Financial Advisors as their insourced CIO group.

This video discusses:

  • How we help deliver a unique and compelling asset management experience for your clients
  • How we help reduce the total overall cost of investing
  • How we help increase scale and efficiency inside of your practice

Step two - information call

Set a time to speak with one of our team members to confirm that our services could be a potential fit for your firm, review pricing, and answer any big picture questions that you and your team may have.

Step three - the Launchpad

At Helios, we are committed to ongoing learning and training. Therefore, we created a learning management system that we call the Launchpad. 

Once your account has been created in our system, your team will be enrolled in two courses that will serve as your learning foundation. If you decide to become a member firm, more access to additional content will be introduced, such as our tools, training libraries, client-facing materials, advisor facing materials, and more.

Step four - comprehensive due diligence

Upon logging into the Launchpad, you will be presented with two choices of due diligence learning structures, quick and full.

Both courses comprehensively review:

  • How Helios is structured to benefit Financial Advisors
  • How the Helios ecosystem works
  • The four series of algorithms and their associated strategies
  • A practitioner's guide to using the ecosystem
  • How ongoing communication and support is executed
  • How to use the Helios WAR Rating for fund selection
  • Understanding the implementation process
  • Examples of assets and resources we provide member firms

Step five - live due diligence with our CEO and CIO

Any questions that were not answered during the information call or on the Launchpad will be addressed with our CEO, Chris Shuba, and/or our CIO, Joe Mallen.



Our CEO, Chris Shuba joined Michael Batnick, CFA, and Ben Carlson, CFA, on their popular podcast, Animal Spirits, to discuss all things Helios. In this episode you will learn:

  • How advisors implement our quantitative strategies
  • Our disruptive pricing model
  • The power of our mathematical diversity in a model ecosystem
  • Our robust training and communication services
  • Plus much more

If you haven't heard this episode yet, it's a great place to start. Just click the play button or find it in your favorite podcast player.