This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning

Step One:

Helios performs a comprehensive review of your existing holdings and strategies. If desired, you can retain all existing holdings for continuity and tax efficiency. We then match your existing strategies to your new models.

Step Two:

Helios provides your team with a complete training and education platform, enabling you to get started quickly and easily, while also making sure you have ongoing access to training resources should you need them.

Step Three:

Helios creates white-labeled strategy sheets, weekly reports, communication tools and presentations to be shared with your clients.

Once implementation is complete, Helios acts as your day-to-day asset management partner, including regular check-ins and conversations after each trading period, spot training as needed by your team, and any customization.

Lower Costs, Reduce Effort and Deliver a World-Class Asset Management Experience

Add our entire team of asset management experts to your firm for a fraction of the cost of a traditional TAMP or an in-house analyst. Helios uses a flat fee model to bring you the best value in the industry:

  • Custom investment models
  • Decision-ready analytics
  • White-labeled client communications
  • Due diligence and compliance documentation
  • Ongoing access to quantitative investment management expertise

Join 500+ advisors who have differentiated their firms using Helios.

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