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Set Your Firm Apart with Customized, Quantitative
Outsourced Investment Management

Customize Models in
Just a Few Clicks

Helios’ powerful technology, backed by deep investment expertise, allows you to incorporate multiple quantitative techniques into your models to determine risk level and asset class tilts, as well as how much and how often a model can move.

Level Up Your Asset
Management Program

Build out your firm’s asset management program without doing the heavy lifting yourself. Helios takes care of the due diligence for you, empowering you to deploy deeply researched quantitative techniques quickly and scalably.

Deliver “the Most
Important Thing”

Access to Helios’ robust ecosystem enables you to quickly add new asset management capabilities and continuously tailor your offerings to meet client expectations, so you can always ensure each model’s activity seeks what’s most important to your clients.

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Confidence Rating Process

Stop wasting hundreds of hours studying analytics. Access our quantitative answers for thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, models and portfolios.

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Helios Tools

Create and manage quantitative investment models, access decision-ready analysis of mutual funds and ETFs, and easily analyze any portfolio.

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Insourced CIO

Decision-ready holdings analysis, custom investment models, portfolio technology, client communications, compliance documentation, and team training.

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