This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning

Creating a smoother, more efficient investment management workflow can give your practices huge advantages. It can free up valuable time, decrease back office and compliance risks, support business growth, and improve client retention.

In fact, advisors spend roughly 5.5 hours every week on investment-managed-related tasks, like research, asset allocation, model selection, trading, and other implementation activities, according to survey results shared by Kitces research

That means, on average, advisors spend more time on their investment management-related to-do list than they spend with the client. Advisors also work an average of 53 hours every week, which means anything related to investment management may as well be categorized as overtime. 

But savvy advisors are increasingly turning to investment management-focused partners like Helios to help them get some of those hours back. 

Other firms may call this an “outsourced CIO” service. We would, too, except we’re not like other firms: we offer advisors a proprietary Insourced CIO solution to help you drastically streamline your advisory business. 

Ways to Reclaim Your Time

An Insourced CIO acts as an extension of your team, providing four key benefits to streamline your workflow and free up your valuable time. Here’s how:

1. Onboard Sophisticated Investment Research

Research is vital to robust investment management. However onboarding an in-house investment management specialist is often expensive and time-intensive, not to mention that the right expert can be difficult to find in the first place. 

With Helios, advisors can access over 27,000 tickers, each scored with our proprietary Confidence Rating Process. That means advisors get decision-ready analytics for thousands of tickers without all the homework. 

But our research doesn’t stop there. Using our model pick lists that can be defined by theme, we help advisors build entire ecosystems of models that reflect their investment philosophies and the strategies their clients need. 

We believe in maximizing model diversity and minimizing risk, which is why we also leverage machine learning when analyzing client portfolios. It allows advisors to quickly highlight model changes over time so that client goals and investment strategies remain aligned.

2. Automate Portfolio Management

Customized portfolio management is a major differentiator among the many services offered by financial advisors. Until recently, however, it was reserved for a limited number of clients. 

With powerful automated portfolio management systems and next-gen software, portfolio management doesn’t have to be the time-consuming endeavor it once was. Starting with our complete portfolio review and ending with our custom implementation, Helios provides end-to-end investment management solutions across the universe of wealth management needs. Our technology helps you allocate and rebalance portfolios based on your client’s goals and risk profiles without requiring manual intervention. 

Not only do we provide day-to-day asset management; as believers in education, we also provide robust training, custom presentations and regular guidance, supporting you and your team. 

Whether you’re narrating your client’s journey or overseeing your brand strategy, our automation tools are there for you whenever you need them.

3. Embrace Specialized Solutions

While standardization is often cited as the path to scale, technology is opening new frontiers that are equipping advisors for specialization and scale. The right investment management partnership can streamline critical workflows, such as portfolio analysis, performance reporting, and compliance monitoring, fostering efficiency, reducing errors, and sending your client satisfaction KPIs to all-new highs.

At Helios, we do the heavy lifting when it comes to compliance. Our proprietary Confidence Rating Process — which delivers quantitative answers for thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, models, and portfolios — enables you to streamline investment committee meetings and material preparation while maintaining organized documentation of due diligence and fund research. Meeting your regulatory requirements is easier and more straightforward with our investment management solutions.

4. Generate Ready-to-Send Client Communications

Client relationships are built on trust and transparency, which means regular communication is paramount to creating and maintaining strong advisor-client ties. 

By building out a library of ready-to-send client communications, whether that means pre-answering commonly asked questions or readying responses for anticipated market shifts, you can provide peace of mind to your clients without sacrificing your own sanity.

With the right partner, communication doesn’t have to be a burden. At Helios, we empower advisors with the tools and resources they need to communicate effectively with clients across any and all economic backdrops. 

We provide white-labeled market updates, investment strategy summaries, monthly research reports, and investment committee documentation to our clients so that they’re always ready to send the latest information to their clients.

Customized Client Portfolios, Without Complications

Advisors need tools and partners that help them focus on what’s important without eroding the bottom line. At Helios, we’re linking our statistically relevant investment expertise, honed through years of rigorous research, with an incredibly powerful technological process. That means you get data and actionable insights — not one or the other. 

It’s a powerful union designed to mitigate risk, undergird the confidence and conviction you bring to each advisor-client relationship, and ultimately produce better investment results for your clients. Consider us your partner in prime. 

To learn more about how Helios can help you streamline your client portfolio management, from research to modeling to trades and execution, schedule a call today.