This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Helios, pioneer of the Insourced Chief Investment Officer (iCIO) model that seamlessly integrates strategic guidance, portfolio oversight and cutting-edge technology and research into a firm’s internal team, today announces its latest offering: model trade execution services for financial advisors. This initiative aligns with Helios’ commitment to equipping advisors with essential tools and support, enhancing scale, efficiency, and fostering confident communication. Helios has introduced this new service to elevate the client experience and address prevalent industry issues identified by advisors:

  • Reducing Total Cost of Investing: Departing from the traditional flat fee model, Helios’ innovative payment structure, based on basis points directly withdrawn from clients’ accounts, ensures a transparent and clear billing approach. This shift aims to reduce the total cost of investing for clients.
  • Serving Smaller Advisors: Helios acknowledges the financial constraints faced by smaller advisors and has tailored the service to eliminate the standard flat fee for those meeting specific criteria, making its high-quality asset management more accessible.
  • Creating Scalability: The service is designed to create scale for advisors of any size who prefer not to handle trading independently, offering a cost-effective solution compared to traditional basis-point models, separately managed accounts (SMAs) and model marketplaces.
  • Enhancing Client Experience: This service empowers advisors by affording them access to the complete suite of iCIO capabilities that they have come to expect from Helios, combining its comprehensive quantitative investment management solutions, deep market research and leading-edge technology.

With the introduction of this service, advisors retain access to Helios’ comprehensive benefits, now coupled with a revolutionary payment framework. The departure from the traditional flat fee model makes high-quality asset management and customized investment strategies more accessible. This cost-effective solution, open to all registered investment advisors (RIAs) and advisors with GeoWealth access via their broker-dealer, enhances overall value for both advisors and their clients.

Jason Van Thiel, managing director of product at Helios, expressed enthusiasm about the new service, stating, “We’re excited to introduce this new service offering. It is designed to further empower advisors while removing the financial barriers that traditionally apply. This new approach promotes accessibility for all advisors looking to utilize our resources and reinforces our commitment to democratizing financial excellence.”

With this latest update, Helios further solidifies its position as a premier Insourced CIO partner for advisors. The company continues to break new ground in delivering a unique and unmatched asset management experience.

“Our latest offering epitomizes our commitment to delivering a world-class asset management experience to our advisors,” added Chris Shuba, Helios founder and CEO. “We can now ensure that our clients, regardless of size or tenure, can enjoy our suite of resources and tools as we continuously strive to deliver unparalleled financial solutions for all.”

Advisors interested in learning more about how Helios’ enhanced capabilities can unlock greater opportunities for customization and client service are encouraged to visit to register for an upcoming webinar.

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