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Redefining Insourced Chief Investment Officer

We call ourselves an Insourced CIO, not an outsourced CIO – because we do more than provide cookie-cutter investment models and commentary.

With Helios, you can tap into an asset management system customized to your unique needs, with the quantitative tools, techniques and research you need to differentiate your firm, while getting time back to focus on growing your practice.

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Investment Management Expertise Right at Your Fingertips

The hub of your relationship with Helios, Helios Tools organizes investment research performed across thousands of mutual funds and ETFs, helps you build and manage investment models, and enables you to see what happens when combinations of models are put together in a portfolio.

Using Helios Tools, you can easily access deep quantitative research, plus model changes and rationale, and share updates to your asset management program with your entire practice quickly and seamlessly.

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Better Investment Research in Less Time

Our proprietary Confidence Rating process, a scoring and analytic system, helps you quickly and easily evaluate mutual funds, ETFs and stocks, so you can tailor your research to what matters most to you and your clients.

The final confidence rating compares funds within their asset classes, and categorizes all underlying metrics into a unique Appeal vs. Experience framework.

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One-Size-Fits-All Models Aren’t Good Enough

Using Helios, you can easily incorporate multiple quantitative elements into model portfolios, determine risk level and asset class tilts, and define how much and how often a model can move.

By tapping into our ecosystem, you can deploy deeply researched quantitative techniques without doing the heavy lifting, and add new capabilities to your practice as your clients’ needs evolve. You can also maintain your own fund preferences, enabling you to further customize the way you work with our team.

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