This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning

Finding enough time for everything you want to get done isn’t easy these days. So why does it seem like some advisors have more than 24 hours in their day? 

These advisors haven’t mastered some complicated secret that’s allowed them to hack the time-space continuum. The key to their success is actually far from complicated; they’re turning to outsourced investment management, allowing them to devote extra hours and energy to their clients — without trimming margins. 

As advisors search for ways to free up their schedules and expand their services, outsourcing investment management — what we like to call our Insourced CIO solution — has steadily gained traction in recent years. And there’s a reason for its growing popularity: the nature of financial advice is modernizing.

Advisors who favor outsourcing save time, increase their productivity, and have more resources to focus on clients, according to a report on the trend. They’re also able to fill gaps in their internal expertise and optimize their services, achieving scale and boosting profitability. 

Your time and advice is valuable. That’s why freeing up more of it can benefit your business and your clients’ financial outcomes. Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding whether outsourcing is right for you.

The Benefits of Workload Reduction

Reducing your workload, and the workloads of your colleagues across your firm, isn’t just a matter of sanity. Turning to our Insourced CIO solution can free up your firm’s resources with time savings, scalability, and access to expertise. 

Consider some of the many benefits you’ll get access to with our flat-fee model. 

  • Access decision-ready analytics for mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks.
  • Customize investment models in minutes, to reflect your investment philosophy and what’s most important to your clients.
  • Easily analyze portfolios, including model allocation changes, right from your dashboard.
  • Maintain organized documentation of due diligence and fund research.

Time is a valuable resource for financial advisors. Relying on trusted partners to complete certain tasks can free up your time to focus on core business activities, such as client relationship management, business development, and strategic planning. At the end of the day, working with an Insourced CIO can lead to major benefits for your productivity and service levels.

The Flywheel of Expanded Profitability

Driving a stronger bottom line for your firm by adding a team of outsourced investment experts can produce outsized returns at an undersized cost. A firm like Helios provides advisors with a deep playbook of possibilities for far less than the cost of an in-house CIO. 

Imagine actually having enough time in your day to devote to true client service and in-depth financial planning. It’s not out of reach. Advisors who have reimagined investment management are investing renewed energy in their client relationships and remembering the real reasons they started working with clients in the first place. 

With our Insourced CIO solution, you can:

  • Improve client retention and inspire more referrals.
  • Tell a more compelling, differentiated investment story to prospects. 
  • Compete with larger firms, for larger clients, all without the large firm overhead.
  • Scale your services as you grow, while avoiding additional costs.

As your business grows, you need solutions that can scale to accommodate more client demands and expanded assets under management. Outsourcing provides that leverage, allowing you to expand your offerings and manage larger client portfolios, without the need for significant internal resources or infrastructure investments. 

In short, you’ll have the flexibility you need to adapt to changing market conditions, regulatory requirements, and client preferences, without runaway costs or complicated hiring decisions.

Customization, Control, and Oversight

Powered by the latest technology innovation and unparalleled services, Helios is transforming investment management and raising industry standards with its complete asset management solution. 

Your clients don’t want cookie-cutter investment solutions. That’s why we offer true differentiation with tailored solutions, at scale. 

  • Deliver quantitative answers to investment challenges with our proprietary Confidence Rating process.
  • Leverage a robust ecosystem of portfolio models that are easy to blend and personalize.
  • Differentiation is not just a goal; it’s the natural outcome of our refined approach.

We know that advisors are constantly assessing the control and oversight they’ll maintain over outsourced functions. 

That’s why we tailor all of our solutions to your needs, helping you maintain transparency with clients, and effectively monitor outsourced activities. It’s how we ensure alignment with your internal business objectives and specialized client interests.

Redefining Investment Management

At Helios, we’re passionate about investment management. That’s why we’re committed to harnessing the power of our statistically-relevant investment process, as we mitigate risk and boost the performance of your business. 

It’s about providing you with the best of what our Insourced CIO solution has to offer: strategic investment decisions, led by the highest levels of expertise, and dedicated to orchestrating tailored financial strategies.

Are you ready for more time and energy for your clients? For building and growing your business? Learn how we can help you unlock the true potential of your practice, with our comprehensive suite of services, solutions and support. Schedule a call today.