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Our complimentary tool provides Financial Advisors

  • Client risk profiling
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Proposal generation
  • Much more

Quickly connect and monitor your firm's investment offering

Scale the process for selecting, creating, monitoring, and implementing your firm-wide investment strategies.

  • Research and monitor holdings
  • Assign holdings to model portfolios
  • Manage models at the firm level for all advisors
  • Compare multiple portfolios against each other
  • Generate proposals for clients

Engage clients and potential clients through a clear process that fits their risk profile

Empower those you serve with the information they need to make informed decisions without confusing finance-speak.

  • Simple and robust risk questionnaire
  • Compare and backtest portfolio performance
  • Clearly recommend proposed changes
  • Design your own proposal templates
  • Customize firm specific disclosures

    We believe that your tech stack should be simple and cost-effective

    Our flagship company, Helios Quantitative Research, built this tool for our member firms, who collectively represent over 800 Financial Advisors. Now, we are sharing it with you!

    • Leverage years of technological enhancements
    • Potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in software expenses
    • Focus spending on personalization and other key objectives
    • Expand margins to increase longevity and security
    • Attract and retain talent through competitive payout structures

    Helios Insights

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