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Unlocking alpha-oriented growth, without the proper tools and services, can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why Helios developed and launched our Insourced CIO, which takes all the advantages of an outsourced CIO (OCIO), and adds efficiency and scalability while reducing unnecessary costs. 

Modern advisors face a complex landscape of investment options, high-stakes client goals, and a variety of back-office and client service demands. On top of all that, advisors operate in a highly competitive environment, where growth is paramount and margins are continuously under pressure. 

That’s why third-party investment services, or what we like to call an Insourced CIO, can help advisors with their professional investment management needs. We’re the gateway to the investment department of your dreams.

The many merits of third-party investment advisory solutions have resulted in significant growth in their popularity within the wealth management industry. By the end of 2021, investment solution providers, like Helios, were managing $2.4 in assets; by the end of 2026, that figure is expected to grow to $3 trillion.

Advisors aren’t settling for generic OCIO services, however. Demand for access to a variety of asset classes, high-quality managers, and proprietary insights, like Helios’ Confidence Rating Process, means specialized solutions are often seen as the one-stop investment solution for advisors focused on maximizing their efficiency and scalability.

The Benefits of an Insourced CIO 

The increasing complexity of the investment landscape, along with the desire for expertise, cost-effectiveness, and fiduciary support, means the demand for Insourced CIO solutions has exploded in recent years. 

As investors continue to seek efficient and effective ways to manage their portfolios, these services are likely to remain an important solution. Here’s why:

Worry-Free Investment Processes

Investment research, portfolio construction, and ongoing asset management consume massive amounts of advisor resources — especially as the universe of investment options gets larger and larger. Unlike canned model portfolios that look the same from one provider to the next, or lame OCIOs that think “close enough” is good enough, Helios offers a level of flexibility and control that’s setting the industry standard. Relying on our specialized third-party services to manage investments streamlines the investment process and gives you the bandwidth to focus on client relationships and business growth.

Top-Tier Scalability & Flexibility

One of the biggest challenges for a growing advisory practice is keeping costs under control, while expanding services, investing in new asset classes and onboarding new clients. By outsourcing investment management, advisors are able to serve more clients, without adding to their overhead and affecting their profitability.


Expanded Access to Expertise & Resources

An experienced Insourced CIO provides its clients with access to an entire team of investment professionals and a deep bench of resources. At Helios, we even include specialized quantitative investment insights — our proprietary Confidence Rating Process — which provides one-of-a-kind insights on mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, models, and portfolios. (It’s like having your own crystal ball.) And it’s all part of our commitment to enhancing investment decision-making and boosting portfolio performance.

Smarter Risk Management & Compliance

Third-party investment solutions should help you manage your risks and bolster your compliance processes. At Helios, we help financial advisors navigate regulatory requirements and mitigate investment risks effectively.

A Better Client Experience 

Clients want to work with advisors who help them meet their goals, minimize their risks, and provide stability, whether markets are up or down. Our dedication to investment performance and client satisfaction helps you build and focus on long-term client relationships by delivering consistent and reliable investment outcomes.


Cost-Effective Efficiency

A high-quality Insourced CIO shouldn’t be expensive or burdensome. When compared to assembling and managing an in-house investment team, an Insourced CIO service like Helios helps firms manage costs, creates operational efficiencies, and leads to stronger performance.

Regardless of the amount of assets you have under management, outsourced investment services can serve as a strategic partner for financial advisors, helping them enhance their value proposition, streamline operations, and deliver superior outcomes for their clients.

The Helios Advantage

When advisors partner with us, their objectives become our objectives. But Helios doesn’t fit the OCIO model. We’re proudly reshaping it.

Helios is a powerful practice management solution for managing risk and improving outcomes. Our Insourced CIO services are squarely aimed at improving client outcomes, expanding access to investments, and improving advisor profitability, all while operating efficiently and at scale. 

Choosing a top-class Insourced CIO like Helios helps you focus on your clients, grow your business, and push beyond the limits of what you thought was possible. Meanwhile, the tools available to advisors working with us, like our proprietary Confidence Rating process, deliver differentiation that’s not available anywhere else. We’re launching a new era of excellence.

To learn more about the value of an Insourced CIO, and the unparalleled control and support that accompany our cutting-edge technology, schedule a consultation today.