This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning

“To create an extraordinary quality of life, you must create a vision that’s not only obtainable, but that is sustainable.” – Tony Robbins

According to Dr. Joe Coughlin, founder and director of MIT Age Lab, clients’ biggest fear may be outliving their wealth in retirement, but there’s an even greater risk of:

  • Outliving our physical capacity to remain comfortably independent
  • Losing easy access to the big and small things that make us happy
  • Seeing a decline in the number of friends critical to supporting quality living in old age

Planning for these contingencies is an integral part of preparing to live a longer and better life. Financial advisors should integrate these issues into a comprehensive planning discussion that makes an ambiguous retirement future—often decades away—more tangible to their clients. They need to help clients commit to preparing for their retirement today. Our guest speaker for this continuing education session is Mike Lynch, from the Applied Insights Team at Hartford Funds. Helios Quantitative Research acts as a white-labeled CIO for Financial Advisors across the world. We transform Financial Advisors into full asset managers by helping them create, implement, monitor, communicate, quantitative investment strategies. We currently influence over 100 advisory firms that collectively manage over $30 billion in assets under management. Learn how we are working through the current crisis.