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Retiring the “OLD AGE” Story


One hour CE credit for CFP & IWI designations

Retiring the “OLD AGE” Story

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021, @ 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM PT

When it comes to retirement planning, or even those currently living in retirement, investors struggle to define what it is that will make this phase of their lives fulfilling, energetic, and exciting. It seems that many are planning to live a retirement that’s largely based on the myths, traditions, and expectations of those generations that have come before, even though today, investors may experience this phase of life for a quarter or even a third of their entire life experience.

Some investors look forward to, and enjoy, the traditional retirement story, that’s filled with rest, relations, and leisure. This story of retirement may include golf, bike rides, and beach walks. But after they retire, they find that this leisure-filled retirement isn’t what they expected it to be. They find themselves bored, disengaged, and regretting a lifestyle that they were told they should be enjoying.

We'll be discussing:

  • How today’s concept of “retirement” came to be and why many of our ideas about retirement are outdated or just plain inaccurate
  • How to help investors not to allow ageism to impact their views of capabilities in retirement
  • How to work with investors to write a new story of retirement, based on the character, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution particular to each investor, for a more well-rounded realistic, and exciting vision which can be used as the basis for planning going forward.

One hour credit for CFP and IWI designations