Doom and gloom lead the headlines (and sell newspapers) across financial media with coronavirus topping the headlines, with Apple’s earnings warning related to coronavirus supply issues providing a jolt to the markets this week. That all said, we are still well into the green thus far this year, with the S&P 500 up 3.58% and MSCI ACWI up 1.48% year-to-date. Housing investment continues at a steady pace with a solid beat in Housing starts in January. While still off from December’s substantial numbers, January was led by multifamily units and aided by warmer than usual weather and low-interest rates and will likely be positive contributors to Q1 GDP. Morgan Stanley announced they were planning to acquire E*Trade in a $13 billion deal. Following Schwab buying TD, this further consolidates the industry as scale becomes paramount in a world with low-interest rates and commission-free trading.