Thursday, Mar 24

A Quant’s View: Fed Interest Rate Hikes

When it comes to raising interest rates, everyone has the same question: how will this affect the markets? Luckily, history has taught us a few lessons about what to expect when the Fed consistently raises rates over a sustained period of time.

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Join us for the latest in our “Quant's View” series as we dive into Fed rate hikes, recent geopolitical events, the impacts we can expect from them on the markets, and much more!

Join us for a discussion on:

  • Past outcomes of equity and fixed income markets – dispelling some common misconceptions along the way
  • Previous geopolitical events as the Russia/Ukraine War is currently roiling global energy markets
  • Advice on how to engage in client conversations with simple, yet powerful, analysis and messaging

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Team Helios

Team Helios

Helios partners with Financial Advisors to help them grow their business, save time, and add scale to their services through enhanced asset management capabilities. Helios was founded in 2016 in Granite Bay, California.

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