Thursday, Sep 22

Recessions Don’t Matter: A Quant’s View of Asset Management During Economic Uncertainty

Not all recessions are created equally. Some are blips on the radar, and others are massive events that have impacts that are felt for years. The bottom line is each of these events have their own nuance, and a simple recessionary viewpoint should not shape your investment strategies, especially in the short term.

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Join us for a deep dive into today's economic data, how our current environment compares to past recessions, and how to take a holistic look at the economy. As always, we take all this complex data and distill it in a simple way that provides great talking points for clients.

Join us for a discussion on:

  • What today’s economic data is telling us about the likelihood of a recession
  • How the current investing environment measures up to past bear markets
  • Why approaching the economy from a holistic perspective is best for your clients (and you!)

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Team Helios

Team Helios

Helios partners with Financial Advisors to help them grow their business, save time, and add scale to their services through enhanced asset management capabilities. Helios was founded in 2016 in Granite Bay, California.

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