Monday, Sep 06

Chris Shuba returns to the Animal Spirits Podcast

Our CEO Chris Shuba joins Michael Batnick, CFA, and Ben Carlson, CFA, for round two on their popular podcast, Animal Spirits. In this edition of 'Talk Your Book', they'll be discussing estate planning and investment services for forward thinking financial advisors.

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Today's discussion will include:

  • How advisors are positioned to add value for their clients through estate planning technology
  • How to implement these technologies in the most efficient ways possible
  • The types of advisors that can benefit from a relationship with an Insourced CIO
  • What sorts of resources and tools an Insourced CIO can provide
  • Plus much more

If you haven't heard this episode yet, it's a great place to dive in! Just click the play button above or find it on your favorite podcast app.

Team Helios

Team Helios

Helios partners with Financial Advisors to help them grow their business, save time, and add scale to their services through enhanced asset management capabilities. Helios was founded in 2016 in Granite Bay, California.

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