This just in: CEO Chris Shuba in Financial Planning
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 In this episode, Nyle Bayer discusses the December MTD performance of equities and fixed income as well as current economic conditions with Joe Mallen, Chief Investment Officer, and Jason Van Thiel, Director of Research for Helios Quantitative Research. Helios Quantitative Research influences over 700 Financial Advisors and $30 billion in assets by creating, implementing, and monitoring quantitative asset allocation strategies. Topics covered:

  • Three lessons we learned from 2020
  • If another recession is coming, what do you want to own?
  • Why the “the market is not the economy” is a stupid phrase
  • Is it worth investing at all highs?
  • Facts and Myths about mean reversion
  • If the markets were open 24/7 like bitcoin, would price/vol/etc be different?

Charts Mentioned: